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Welcome to Living in Agreement! If you’ve found your way here, you're probably already familiar with basic Stoic concepts like virtue (arete), happiness (eudaimonia), and development (oikeiosis). You already know the key principles, and you're ready to deepen your understanding and practice of Stoicism. Perfect. Join me as I explore the what, why, and how of living in agreement with nature. The why is easy: we all want to be happy, and the ancient Stoics believed we would be happy if we strive to live in agreement with ourselves, with other people, and with the wider world. The what and how are much harder. Given all the challenges of modern life, what does it look like to live a truly virtuous life? And how do we get there?

Here at Living in Agreement, we’ll try to answer those questions by exploring a humanist Stoicism founded on human nature. To reach our goal, we'll be drawing on ancient and modern Stoic sources, as well as evergreen wisdom from other Eastern and Western philosophical traditions. We will also look at current research in moral and developmental psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, anthropology, religious studies---pretty much any field that can help us better understand our nature and how to live in agreement with it. We are interested not just in the discourse or theory of philosophy, but in lived practice and inner transformation. Our emphasis is always practical: how can we become better, happier, and more in tune with the people and world around us?


I can't promise you all the answers, but I can promise we'll do our best to get there. Thanks for stopping by!

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